The Center for Understanding in Conflict / The Center for Mediation in Law is a non-profit educational institute dedicated to integrating meditative principles into the practice of law and the resolution of legal disputes in commercial, family, and other legal settings. Since its founding in 1981, the Center has conducted introductory and advanced training programs for lawyers and other professionals, offering its unique Understanding-based approach to conflict resolution. The application of this approach has now expanded to collaborative practice, non-profit organizations, ombuds work, traditional legal representation, and other settings in which professionals wish to help parties work through conflict in a different way.

In the United States more than 3,000 lawyers, law teachers, judges, and other professionals have been trained in this method. And since 1990, the Center has trained conflict professionals in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Israel, Italy, France, and Russia. Center trainers have also used the model in trainings at Harvarda��s Program of Instruction for Lawyers, the Harvard Negotiation Insight Initiative, the American Bar Association, and the World Intellectual Property Organization. For those who have completed the Mediation Intensive course and are interested in the practice of conflict resolution, the Center offers ongoing support groups, peer groups, and advanced training programs.




Gary Friedman and Jack Himmelstein are co-authors of Challenging Conflict:A� Mediation Through Understanding, published by the American Bar Association, 2008,A� in cooperation with the Harvard Program on Negotiation.

Review Excerpts
Challenging ConflictA�is a must read for any mediator, lawyer or party to a conflict! It eloquently and lucidly presents a model of mediation designed to encourage party choice and empowerment, human understanding and communication, and agreements that honor the needs, interests, a

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